The 9:3:3:1 ratio of the offspring in Gregor Mendel’s dihybrid crosses led him to conclude that _____________________________. 1)some of the alleles were more abundant in the population of garden peas than others 2)the inheritance of different traits are connected to each other 3)some traits are dominant over other traits 4)the inheritance of one trait does not impact the inheritance of another trait


Answer 1

It is 3 . I wish it help. Please comment on my answer. Thank you

Answer 2
Answer: it's 3 , hopefully my answer was helpful?

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An act of fertilization in which genetic information is transferred between cells is called _____.xternal fertilizationinternal fertilizationconjugationpollination
The large leaves of ferns show multiple venation what is it spores rhizomes or fronds
The process of evolution is based on _____. phenotypic inheritance genotypic inheritance
Is long-distance sex possible in mosses?Moss sperm are motile and capable of swimming short distances to fertilize an egg. However, it was unknown until recently how sperm make their way from male to female gametophytes that may be separated by a distance of several centimeters or more.Part A Part completeBeyond the results presented below, what other evidence would be useful when drawing conclusions about the role of springtails in moss reproduction?
What process signals the end of one cycle and the beginning of another in the menstrual cycle

The diagram shows a model of an animal cell. Explain how you’d modify the model to show the structures in a plant cell.


To modify the model of a given animal cell into a plant cell, it is required to add the cell wall around the cell membrane. It is also mandatory to construct large vacuoles in the cytoplasm with cell organelle chloroplast.

What is a Plant cell?

Plant cells may be defined as the type of eukaryotic cell that are the basic unit of life in organisms of the kingdom Plantae such as green plants, photosynthetic algae, etc.

The diagram illustrates the animal cell and asked to modify this into the plant cell. So, there is a requirement to add or edit this cell with plant cell organelles and its characteristics like cell wall, presence of chloroplast, large central vacuoles, etc.

Therefore, it is well described above.

To learn more about Plant cells, refer to the link:



To show the structures of a plant cell, add a cell wall around the membrane and increase the size of the vacuole inside the cell. Draw green ovals to represent chloroplasts.


answer on edmentum

Which is least likely to be a reservoir for fresh water


Oceans would least likely to be a reservoir for fresh water :)

how many different allele combinations would be found in the gametes produced by a pea plant whose genotype was RrYY


R   r
Y  Y

RY  rY
RY  rY
two different combinations.

Answer: A. 2


What is a major reservoir for ammonia?



The major reservoir for Ammonia is the natural soil, where it is present in abundance.


In soil, ammonia is found in quite abundance, where it is changed into nitrate through a process commonly knows as Nitrification. In the nitrification process, first, nitrite is formed which is followed by its conversion into nitrate by a bacteria known as Nitrobacteria. Finally, this nitrate is consumed by the plants, which are then eaten up by the animals.

Final answer:

Ammonia is a crucial compound found variously within the biosphere. In animals, it is processed into safer compounds for excretion, while in the environment, it is both a product of decomposition processes and an important component for agricultural practices.


Ammonia is a nitrogenous compound that plays a significant role in various biological and ecological contexts. In terrestrial animals, the major reservoir for ammonia is the biological system where it is present in compounds such as proteins and nucleic acids. Through the process of metabolism, animals convert the toxic ammonia into urea or uric acid, which are safer for the organism. This is exemplified by the urea cycle in mammals and the corresponding processes in birds, reptiles, and terrestrial arthropods.

Additionally, ammonia is an important product of ammonification, a process that occurs during the decomposition of nitrogen-containing organic compounds. A small percentage of ammonia is also released into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, ammonia is crucial for our economy, particularly in the agriculture industry. It is heavily utilized in the production of fertilizers and also serves as a vital ingredient for the growth of several crops.

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Which of the following you statement is a scientific claim


A. Earth is shaped like a sphere even if not all of the scientific observations related to its shape support this idea

Describe a global warming


Answer:Global warming is the long-term heating of Earth's surface observed since the pre-industrial period (between 1850 and 1900) due to human activities, primarily fossil fuel burning, which increases heat-trapping greenhouse gas levels in Earth's atmosphere.