Which group of words is a sentence fragment? A. Wolves are wild animals. B. Wolves and dogs are close relatives. C. A wolf can run up to 40 miles a day. D. As all dogs on Earth are related to wolves.


Answer 1
Answer: D

Because it doesn't tell us the what is happening. It just tells us a part of the the detail.

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Answer 2
Answer: D. because its just telling part of the detail

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Admonish A. encourage B. obey C. associate D. taste Antonym
What type of writing is most similar to an autobiography?A. Novel B. Poetry C. Short Story D. Memoir
In poems, thoughts and emotions are so closely connected that ______.a.theme is logical expression and mood and emotional oneb.thoughts and feelings are expressed separatelyc.mood is expressed without metaphorsd.theme and mood are closely linked
Will upvote! Patricia is using this document as a source for her research presentation, however she still needs one more primary source. All of these sources are primary sources EXCEPTA) photographs documenting the daily life of a person with asthma. B) a digital audio recording of the experiences of a child with asthma. C) a magazine article reviewing the previous findings of the CDC on asthma patients. D) the financial records and meeting minutes of Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. Eliminate
In “A Few Don’ts,” Pound encourages the use of __________instead of the vagueness of abstractions.a. the concrete b. rhyme and rhythm c. symbolism d. the emotions

How do the lines from kubla khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge affect the overall tone


The lines from the poem “Kubla Khan” by Samuel Taylor Coleridge affect the overall tone by being mystical. The words used are related to mysterious events, characters, and places. All of these three are described in an artistic manner of using meaningful adjectives.


In "Kubla Khan," Coleridge describes the creation and destruction of Kubla Khan's palace in the  

exotic location of Xanadu, which gives the poem a  

dreamlike quality. Through the  

historical  character of Kubla Khan, Coleridge uses the wild image of the Mongols to suggest that Kubla Khan is insane, implying that all creative actions are the acts of  mad men.  

The last lines bring the poem to a  

climactic  close. Flashing eyes evoke the image of passionate creativity. By talking about "holy dread," Coleridge suggests that creation is both  

sacred and demonic.


Correct for plato ;)

Which sentence does not contain any punctuation errors?A.
They nearly lost the portrait which was a family heirloom during the move.

They nearly lost the portrait which was a family heirloom, during the move.

They nearly lost the portrait, which was a family heirloom, during the move.

They nearly lost the portrait, which was a family heirloom during the move.


C. because its the only one that goes smoothly while reading

Study the poster created in California in 1876.Which persuasive techniques does the poster include? Select two options.

faulty logic
glittering generalities
unwarranted extrapolation



A transfer

D glittering generalities



it would be a and d


i just took the test and that is the answer on edge

Which sentence does not contain any errors in period usage?a. Jerry's new job at Imagination retrice is going well.
b. Prof. Gibson asked us to meet her at 1:30 PM.
c. My aunt's pen company, Ink Inc., is doing quite well.
d. Have you met my father, Mark Wilets, Sr?


a.Jerry's new job is going well...all in the present tense

What is the correct possessive form of bridges? bridges bridges’ bridges’s bridge’s


Answer: B) Bridges'

Explanation: A noun names a person, place, thing, idea, quality or action. A possessive noun shows ownership by adding an apostrophe, an "s" or both. If the noun is singular, we should add and apostrophe and the letter "s" at the end of the word (for example, possessive of "bridge" is "bridge's"). If the noun is plural, we just have to add an apostrophe at the end of the word (for example: the possesive of "bridges" is "bridges'"). So the correct answer is option B.

It is "bridge's". 
"bridges" is just multiple of them
"bridges' " is possessive in the case of more than one bridge 
and "bridges's" is not a word

Why is it important to avoid the overuse of the word i in an autobiographical piece


You should avoid using I because readers get the feeling that the book is too self-centered which can often cause them to stop reading.