A single carbon atom can form a maximum of how many single covalent bonds


Answer 1

A single carbon atom can form a maximum of 4 single covalent bonds.

Why can the carbon atom form this ?

This is because carbon has 4 valence electrons, which are electrons that are available to form bonds with other atoms. Each single covalent bond consists of 2 valence electrons, so a single carbon atom can form a maximum of 4 single covalent bonds.

Carbon atoms can also form double and triple covalent bonds, which consist of 4 and 6 valence electrons, respectively. However, a single carbon atom can only form a maximum of 4 covalent bonds in total.

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Answer 2

I think it is carbon atom can form a maximum of 4 single covalent bonds... This is because it has 4 electrons and needs to reach a total of 8, so it can make up to 4 covalent bonds to gain the electrons it needs. I wish it help. Please comment

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