36.8% of what number is 28.52


Answer 1
Answer: 36.8% will be .368
so  26.8%   of    what number     is  28.52
     .368        ×           N                   = 28.52
divide each side by .368
so N=  77.5
Answer 2


36.8% = 0.368

0.368x = 28.52

0.368x/0.368 = 28.52/0.368


Therefore, 36.8%of 77.5 is 28.52

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Like any 4-month-old, Amy depends on her parents to feed her and to change her diapers. When Amy cries, her devoted parents quickly respond to her needs. According to Erikson, Amy is developing a sense of ___________?
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Which of the following excerpts from "Harrison Bergeron" best illustrates irony?


the excerpts from Harrison bergeron that best illustrates irony is : "he is a genius and an athlete, is under-handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous
The irony is when someone that someone that is almost perfect is under-handicapped

hope this helps

Answer: he is a genius and an athlete, is under-handicapped, and should be regarded as extremely dangerous.


In at least 150 words, consider the themes present in Animal Farm and explain how these themes relate to the impossibility of the survival of Animalism on Animal Farm.I only need help or a start on this please, not the entire essay



Animal Farm, A novella by George Orwell, tells the tale of the downtrodden animals of Manor Farm, who after much oppression from their master, take over the farm for themselves. In the beginning, it seems like the start of a life of freedom and plenty, but ruthless and cunning elite emerges and begins to take control of the farm. The animals find themselves ensnared once again as one form of tyranny gradually replaces the other. The novella is a critique of revolutionary Russia and idealism betrayed by power and corruption. Orwell uses allegory between Animal Farm and the Soviet Union to highlight the corruption of socialist ideals in the soviet union, the power of language and propaganda, and the dangers of a naive working class.

One of the main themes in the novella is how easily pure ideals can become corrupted, as they did in the Soviet Union. The novel opens with Old Major, a character who represents Karl Marx, telling the animals on the farm of his Orwell highlights how powerful the use of language and propaganda can be when used to control society.

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The story of the oppressed animals of Manor Farm is told in George Orwell's book Animal Farm. After years of abuse from their owner, the animals finally seize control of the farm.

How are the themes related?

It initially appears to be the beginning of a life of freedom and abundance, but a ruthless and crafty elite soon appears and starts to seize control of the land.

As one type of tyranny progressively replaces the other, the animals find themselves caught in its net once more. The novella is a critique of Russia's revolution and of idealistic ideals betrayed by corruption and power.

To underscore the Soviet Union's distortion of socialist ideals, the influence of propaganda and language, and the perils of an uninformed working class, Orwell draws parallels between Animal Farm and the Soviet Union.

The novella's central issue is the ease with which idealism can be distorted, as was the case in the Soviet Union.

The first line of the book is said by Old Major, a figure who stands in for Karl Marx, as he informs the farm's animals of his Orwell shows how effective language and propaganda are at swaying public opinion.

Check out the link below to learn more about the Animal farm theme;



15m2 what's the numerical coefficient


The coefficient here is 15. The coefficient is the number before the variable. 
The numerical coefficient is 15 because it is before the variable.

According to the SEE method, which sentence is the Elaboration?No other recording can capture a guitar’s strum better than a vinyl album.
Some musicians think that vinyl albums sound better than CDs.
While CDs sound precise and cold, vinyl albums have a rich, warm sound.
CDs are more durable, but vinyl albums have sentimental value.




The SEE method of writing receives this name because of the three distinct stages it follows:

  • State: In this step, the author makes their claim. This is what the author will try to prove.
  • Elaborate: In this step, the author provides more information on his claim. This will start to provide support for his argument.
  • Exemplify: In this step, the author will provide examples that support his claim.

In this case, the sentence that corresponds to the elaboration step is: "While CDs sound precise and cold, vinyl albums have a rich, warm sound."

Thinking himself to be a regular Adonis, Jonathan soon found his pride to be his Achilles heel.


The correct answer is:  

Verbal: thinking

Type of verbal: participle

A verbal is a word constituted by a verb yet operating as a different part of speech. A participle is a verbal that offices as an adjective. There are

two types of participles: Present Participles (always ending in -ing) and Past participles (regularly ending in -ed or -en, are formulated from the form of a verb applied with the verb to be as an auxiliary verb).

The correct answer for the question that is being presented above is this one: "Verbal: found; Type of verbal: past." Thinking himself to be a regular Adonis, Jonathan soon found his pride to be his Achilles heel. Identify the verbal in the sentence below. Then, select the type of verbal.

What does Atticus see as a sign that perhaps things are beginning to change?the convincing nature of Tom's testimony
the time it took the jury to decide the case
the fact that Tom wasn't lynched before the trial
Judge Taylor's evenhandedness in the case


In chapter twenty-three of Harper Lee’s To kill a Mockingbird, Atticus has a conversation with Jem and Scout about what took the jury so long to come back with a verdict in Tom Robinson’s trial. This is what Atticus saw as a sign of change.

Answer: The time it took the jury to decide the case.

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The correct answer should be the time it took the jury to decide the case

He says that he knew the case was doomed from the start and that Tom would end up being guilty, but the fact that it took them so long to reach the verdict points out that times are changing.