a Pontiac trans-am, initially at rest accelerates at a constant rate of 4.0 m/s squared for six seconds how fast will the car be traveling a T equals six seconds


Answer 1
Answer: use formula: a= Vf-Vi/t
rearrange: Vf=at
solve: Vf= 4.0m/s squared x 6s
          Vf = 24 m/s --> sigdigs
          Vf = 2.4 x 10^1 m/s

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Which of the following makes gravity increase?A.The mass of forming objects increases.B.The mass of forming objects decreases.C.The spherical shape of planets provides the momentum needed to increase gravity.D.The mass of forming objects is constantly the same.
39WERELAIS01:21:51Which type of reaction is C2H2011 - 12C + 11H202O synthesisdecompositionO oxidationcombustion
Sebuah bis bergerak dengan kecepatan 120 meter perdetik selama 10 menit hitunglah jarak yang ditempuh oleh bis tersebut
A wave x meters long has a speed of y meters per second. The frequency of the wave isa. x/y hertz c. y x hertz b. y/x hertz d. y x hertz
In a science museum, a 130 kg brass pendulum bob swings at the end of a 14.4 m -long wire. The pendulum is started at exactly 8:00 a.m. every morning by pulling it 1.7 m to the side and releasing it. Because of its compact shape and smooth surface, the pendulum's damping constant is only 0.010kg/s. You may want to review (Pages 405 - 407) . Part A At exactly 12:00 noon, how many oscillations will the pendulum have completed

The big bang theory is one of the most accepted theories on the origin of the universe because of scientific evidence, such as _____.



Movement of Galaxies away from us.


Big Bang theory is the most widely accepted theory which says that the universe started with a huge expansion, it was not an explosion. By that logic everything must be moving from each other even today. This was proved by observing the Redshift in the spectrum of the galaxies which means that they are moving away from us.

The big bang theory is one of the most accepted theories on the origin of the universe because of scientific evidence, such as d: distant, exploding quasars were found  

How to covert ma into amphere?


1 ampere = 1,000 milliamperes

1 A = 1,000 mA

To calculate the number of Amperes, divide the number of milliamperes by 1,000.

State the law of conservation of energy​



In physics and chemistry, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant; it is said to be conserved over time. ... For instance, chemical energy is converted to kinetic energy when a stick of dynamite explodes.

Without an unbalanced force, a moving object will not only keep moving, but its speed and direction will also remain the same. True


This is true. Because there is no other force that is causing a change in direction and speed. Remember Newton's First Law of motion. An object in motion will continue in motion and an object at rest will be at rest UNLESS an unbalanced force acts on the object.

Which describes the electric forces inside an atom?A. Gravitational forces are much stronger than electric forces.

B. Electric forces and gravitational forces are equal in this setting.

C. Electric forces are much stronger than gravitational forces.


Answer:The correct answer is option C.


Electrical forces are forces between the charge particles of different charges or of same charges.This type of force is termed as electrostatics forces.

Like charges repel each other and unlike charges attract.They are dipole forces and stronger than the gravitational forces which only attracts and are monopole forces.

Atom consist of protons and electrons with positive and negative charge respectively.The force between these subatomic particles are very stronger than the gravitational forces between these particles.This is due to very smaller masses of protons and electrons the gravitational force between them is very small.

the correct answer is C hope this helps a little

A 2.0 kilogram mass is located 3.0 meters above the surface of earth. what is the magnitude of earth's gravitational field strenght at this location?


Why do you think its important for givernment offcials to take an oath of ofice?