Sally sold 1000987 hot dogs 3 years how many will she sell in 6 years


Answer 1
Answer: so 1000987 in 3 years or 1000987:3 or i like to put it as 1000987:3 
we notice that 6 is 2 times of 3 so we just multiply 1000987:3 by 2 and get 2001974:6
2001974 in 6 years

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1. Solve and verify each of the following systems of linear equations./3 a. 5x – 2y =- 6 and 2x – y = 1Answer:/3 b. 2x + 3y = 432 and 5x – 2y = 16Answer:
What is the value of the expression 72 – 42?
Please what is the vertex and the point of this graph k (×)=[2 (×+4)]^2+3
You have invested 50,000 dollars to start a donut shop. Your cost for raw materials is 0. 65 dollars per dozen and your overhead costs are 0. 55 dollars per dozen. How many dozen must you produce before your average cost per dozen drops to 2. 45 dollars?
Please please I need help

Two state parks, Elm Grove and Cathedral Rock, each recorded the number of visitors to the park each day for 15 days. The parks made line plots from the data recorded. What statement about the two plots’ distributions is true? A. The degree of overlap between the two distributions is high. B. The degree of overlap between the two distributions is moderate. C. The degree of overlap between the two distributions is low. D. There is no overlap between the two distributions.


The solution is : C. The degree of overlap between the two distributions is low.

What is distributions?

Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for the consumer or business user who needs it, and a distributor is a business involved in the distribution stage of the value chain.

here, we have,

Overlapping can be defined as the intersection between areas of two normal distributions.

The overlap means that sample or populations have similarities, which occasionate this behaviour.

In this case, we have two normal distributions (you can deduct that observing the bell form).

If you look closely, you'll observe that the tails of theses distributions overlap, but just the tail, that means they have a low degree of similarity.

Therefore, the right answer is C, the degree of overlap is low.

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do you need a explanation of your answer if not i do believe its B 

Maria donates a fixed amount, a, to a charity each month. If she donates $300 in 12 months, what is the equation for a?


If a is how much money she donated each month a should be 25 because 25 dollars multiplied by 12 months is 300 dollars



Step-by-step explanation:

What is x2-4x=2x+24 equal to 0


make equal to zero
minus 2x both sides
minus 24
comlpete the square
isolate x^2 and x term
take 1/2 of -6 and square it (-6/2=-3 (-3)^2=9) and add to both sides inside parethaes
factor perfect square
add 24 both sides
sqrt both sides
add 3 to both sides

x=3+√33 or 3-√33

The cooking time for a mini-loaf of bread is 5 minutes longer than half the time it takes to bake a regular-sized loaf of bread. If it takes 25 minutes to bake a mini-loaf, how long does it take to bake a regular-sized loaf?


it would take 40 minutes to bake a regular-sized loaf



Step-by-step explanation:

Just took the test

Lola needs to sign 96 invitations. Using a stopwatch that measures time to tenths of a second, it takes Lola 5.3 seconds to sign her full name. Going by the accuracy of the stopwatch, using this as the accurate determination,how long will Lola be able to finish signing all the invitations? A. 3.3 minutes B. 3.3125 minutes C. 8.48 minutes D. 8.5 minutes


Answer:  Option 'C' is correct.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

Total number of invitations = 96

Time taken to sign her full name = 5.3 seconds

Total time she needed to sign in 96 invitations is given by

96* 5.3\n\n=508.8\ seconds

And we know that

1\ minute=60\ seconds\n\n508.8\ seconds=(508.8)/(60)=8.48\ minutes

So, Lola will be able to finish signing all the invitations after 8.84 minutes.

Hence, Option 'C' is correct.



Step-by-step explanation:

You pay $947.60 a year in car insurance. the insurance is paid in four equal payments. Find the amount of each payment.




Step-by-step explanation:

947.60 / 4 = 236.90