A particular frozen yogurt has 75 cal into ounces how many calories are in 8 ounces of the yogurt


Answer 1
Answer: I'm guessing you mean 75 calories in 2 ounces. 
In that case... you would do
75 / 2 = 37.5
37.5 x 8 = 300 calories in 8 ounces of yogurt

Hope I helped!

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a vending machine sells chips at $0.40 and candy at $0.50. Last month, the vending machine yielded $152.80 with a sale of 328 items. how many packages of chips were purchased last month
How do you do... cos2x-sin2x=1-2sin2x
How to graph g(x)= lxl +2
Barbara sells iced tea for $1.49 per bottle and water for $1.25 per bottle. She wrote an equation to find the number of drinks she needs to sell to earn $100.1.25x + 1.49 = 100What error did Barbara make in writing the equation?
Identify the solution set of the inequality, using the given replacement set.x < –4; {–10, –4.3, –4, –3.9, 2, 6.5} A. {–10, –4.3, –4} B. {–4, –3.9, 2} C.{–10, –4.3} D. {–3.9, 2}

Which of the following is a solution of z^5 = 1 + √3 i? 5√2 (cos150° + isin150°)
5√2 (cos156° + isin156°)
5√2 (cos174° + isin174°)
5√2 (cos204° + isin204°)

Please show me how to work it out.



Option 2 is right

Step-by-step explanation:

Given that

z^5=1+√(3) i

We can write this in polar form with modulus and radius

|z^5|= √(1+3) =2\ntan of Angle t =√(3) \n

Hence angle = 60 degrees and

|z^5|= 2(cos60+isin60)

Since we have got 5 roots for z, we can write 60, 420, 780, etc. with periods of 360

Using Demoivre theorem we get 5th root would be

5th root of 2 multiplied by 1/5 th of 60, 420, 780,....

z= \sqrt[5]{2} (cos12+isin12)\nz=\sqrt[5]{2} (cos84+isin84)\n\nz=\sqrt[5]{2} (cos156+isin156)\n\nz=\sqrt[5]{2} (cos228+isin228)\n\nz=\sqrt[5]{2} (cos300+isin300)\n

Out of these only 2nd option suits our answer

Hence answer is Option 2.

A soccer team played 160 games and won 65 percent of them. how many games did it win?A. 94
B. 104
C. 114
D. 124


The answer would be B. 104. If you multiply 160 by 0.65, you get 104, which is the amount of games they have won. If you were to multiply 160 by 0.35, you'd get the amount of games they lost. Hope this helped!
The soccer team won B. 104 games, go team!

To find the value of a mathematical expression using the order of operations is to?




Step-by-step explanation:

I think your looking for PEMDAS. Typical you would find the value of the ,ath expression using PEMDAS. PEMDAS stands for Parentheses Exponents Multiplication Division Addition Subtraction. When using PEMDAS (order of operation) you have to use each letter in order, So look for parentheses and if their aren't any look for the exponents which would look like x^(2) then you would do all multiplication and division then addition and subtractions

Jack is learning to play the piano which has 88 keys if there are 12 unique keys in each octave. how amny complete octaves are on the piano


88/8 =11

Unique key in 1 octave = 12

so, in 11 octave, 12*11 = 132

What is the distance between points A begin ordered triple (0,0,8) end ordered triple and B begin ordered triple (0,6,0) end ordered triple?Answer is 10 units, but why is this rational?


Step 1: Obtain the difference vector AB= (0-0, 0-6, 8-0)=(0, -6, 8) it size (module) is the distance between A and B Step 2: Add-Up the squares of its components: 0^2+(-6)^2 + 8^2=100 Step3: Extract the squareroot of the above: sqrt(100)=10 Voilá!

A prism whose base is a 9-sided polygon is intersected by a plane. In which case could the cross section be a 10-sided polygon?



when the plane makes a narrow angle with the base.

Step-by-step explanation:

Given: A prism with a Nonagon as base.

To find: When a cross section be a Decagon.

Nonagon is a polygon with 9 sides

Decagon is a polygon with 10 sides.

1). when a cross section is taken parallel to the base, the cross section will be Nonagon .i.e., it will be a 9 sided polygon.

2).when a  cross section is taken perpendicular to the base, the cross section will be a rectangle.

3). when a slant cross section is taken .i.e., one with any angle other than 90° or 180° to the base. It will be a 10-sided polygon.

When the plane intersects the polygon at any given two adjacent sides of the base.