Please help and explain how to do it
Please help and explain how to do it - 1


Answer 1
Answer: so F(m) because F dollars for every mph over the speed limit
so 40 dollar speeding fine so +40 
10 dollars for every mile over and m=miles over so put them all toghether and get

so if you were going 78 mph
to find the mph over you would do 78-70=8mph over so put in 8 for m and get
F(8)=10(8)+40=80+40=$120 fine for going at 78 mph

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2|x+8|=20Plz show work
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What is the next number in this sequence? 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, ___

- ( x + 6 ) + 2 = -28 - 4



Answer: x=28

we check it out_


What is the value of k in the function ƒ(x) = 112 - kx if ƒ(-3) = 121?


I hope this helps you

Given that RT ≅ WX, which statement must be true?RT + TW = WX + TW
RT = 2(RX)
WX = 2(RX)
RT + TW = RX


This statement must be true as RT + TW = WX + TW, which is correct option (A).

What are congruent triangles?

Two triangles are said to be congruent if their corresponding sides and angles are equal.

SSS stands for Side-Side-Side criterion. According to this, two triangles are congruent if three sides of a triangle are equal to the corresponding sides of the other triangle.

Since RT ≅ WX, RT and WX are represent congruent

So we can say that for all kinds of reasons, they are absolutely equal.

Given that, we can substitute RT with WX in the equations and solve them to check which one is valid. The valid equation will be to true statement.

For RT + TW = WX + TW

Substitute RT = WX in the equation

RT + TW = WX + TW

WX + TW = WX + TW

Subtract TW from both sides of the equation

WX + TW - TW = WX + TW -TW


Since RT ≅ WX,

Therefore RT and WX are exactly equivalent and interchangeable as a result, the equation WX = WX is true..

Hence, this statement must be true as RT + TW = WX + TW

Learn more about of congruent triangles here:


RT + tw = wx + tw is the right answer

What times what equals 12 but still equals 11? the equation is 5n to the 2nd power + 19+12


OKay first you have to combine your like terms 19+12=31 then you have to divide by 5n squared which would be 6.2

Every day about 140, 000, 000 plastic water bottles are brought in the United States each bottle is about 0.25 m long in the equator of the earth is about 40, 000, 000 m around how many times can the earth equator be circle by a line of plastic bottles used in the United States every day


Bottles sold daily: 140 million
Each bottle: ~0.25 meters
Equator : 40 million meters

140 mil. Bottles * 0,25 m = 35 million meters

35<40 ( equator) which means you can't circle it not even once with the bottles sold in US in one day!

So 40:35= 0,875

That means we can circle only 87.5% of the Equator!

Info: you need 160 million bottles to circle the Equator once.

The following data list the number of previous jobs held by state prisoners in one cell block:3, 1, 1, 2, 1, 0, 2, 1, 0, 8, 4, 3, 1, 2, 1, 9, 2, 1, 7, 0, 7, 2, 0, 1, 3. Draw a bar chart with percentages in the space provided below:



see below

Step-by-step explanation:

Number of Previous Jobs | Percentage


         0             |    16.7%

         1             |    33.3%

         2             |    16.7%

         3             |    12.5%

         4             |     4.2%

         7             |     8.3%

         8             |     4.2%

         9             |     4.2%