Can someone tell me what to do on this ):
Can someone tell me what to do on this ): - 1


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Answer: On the periodic table, you will see that they are grouped into different groups. Well, on the right, you have the groups, obviously. You are supposed to match the elements to the group that it is in.

(If you don't know the groups, you can find one online under images.)
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Francois Jacob and Jacques Monod studied Escherichia coli (E. coli) bacteria by using lab experimentation. What revision to their initial hypothesis did they come up with?
Each kernel of corn on a single ear can inherit a different set of alleles from those inherited by other kernels. This characteristic makes corn a useful example of which law or principle?
A student did an experiment with two identical plants, Plant 1 and Plant 2. About 10 mL fertilizer was added to Plant 1. About 200 mL of water was added to each plant every day. The height of the plants was recorded over a period of 5 weeks in the table shown below.Week Height of Plant 1 (in inches) Height of Plant 2 (in inches) 1 12.6 12.6 2 13.8 12.9 3 14.9 13.4 4 15.7 13.8 5 16.6 14.6 Based on the table, which of these conclusions is correct? Fertilizer helps plants grow taller. Fertilizer can help a plant survive for five days. Plants need more than 10 mL fertilizer to grow in size. I choose A is it right?
Toward the end of the world, human height is reduced gradually. True or false?
The burning of fossil fuels releases more carbon dioxide in to the atmosphere?

Organisms need _____ to conduct essential life activities



organisms need ENERGY to conduct essential life activities


organisms need energy to digest, use the restroom, eat, even standing up requires energy!

Organisms need energy to conduct essential life activities.

What sequence correctly describes the route that an egg takes through the female reproductive system? Cervix, fallopian tube, uterus Ovary, fallopian tube, cervix Cervix, fallopian tube, ovary Ovary, fallopian tube, uterus Is it C?


I do not know which one is A-B-C-D next time please label but the cycle is 
ovary - fallopian tube -uterus
The ovary where the ovum (egg) matures and enters either one of the fallopian tubes which connects to the uterus.

What is released when limestone is exposed?


Carbon dioxide is released

Which of the following is not true concerning the usage of public land.a. Public land is managed by federal and state agencies.b. Unprotected lands exist inside federal parksc. Public land can be protected or unprotected.d. Wilderness areas and state parks are protected.



Lands generally belong to three categories of owners, these are federal government, state government and private owners. The lands belonging to the federal and the state governments are considered to be public lands and they are always protected; the lands can not be used for any purpose by anybody unless permission is first obtained from the government. Public lands are typically used for construction of social infrastructures that will benefit all.

Unprotected land exists inside federal parks.

Further Explanation:

Federal lands are the portion of the properties which are owned by the citizens of the United States. These lands are possessed by the federal government. The federal lands are managed by three different agencies  

1. Bureau of land management

2. United states fish and wildlife service  

3. National park service

The maximum federal lands are located in Alaska and Western states. The American citizens own all federal properties , which include national parks, wildlife reserves, and national forests. The American public has the right to excess and enjoys these land areas. American citizens pay a fixed amount as income tax for the preservation and management of public lands. State lands are used to generate revenues by state governments. State lands are not possessed by the American citizens as public lands. The State lands are being sold and managed by state authorities.

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Grade: High school

Subject: Biology

Chapter: Land management


Americans, national forests, national parks, public land, federal land, land management, income tax, state government, authorities, United States.  

Which of the following sentences from Zora Neale Hurston's "What White Publishers Won't Print" best supports the author's opinion that white Americans perceive educated African Americans as a threat?a. Man, like all the other animals fears and is repelled by that which he does not understand, and mere difference is apt to connote something malign.
b. National coherence and solidarity is implicit in a thorough understanding of the various groups within a nation, and this lack of knowledge about the internal emotions and behavior of the minorities cannot fail to bar out understanding.
c. The fact that there is no demand for incisive and full-dress stories around Negroes above the servant class is indicative of something of vast importance to this nation.
d. I have been amazed by the Anglo-Saxon's lack of curiosity about the internal lives and emotions of the Negroes, and for that matter, any non-Anglo-Saxon peoples within our borders, above the class of unskilled labor.
e. Argue all you will or may about injustice, but as long as the majority cannot conceive of a Negro or a Jew feeling and reacting inside just as they do, the majority will keep right on believing that people who do not look like them cannot possibly feel as they do, and conform to the established pattern.


The correct answer is C. The fact that there is no demand for full dress stories and incisive which is around negroes above, whereby the servant class is indicative of something of vast importance that notion.

Neale Hurston is much confused and surprised by Anglo-saxons. He is not curious about emotions interest.

Educated African American are being perceived as a threat by the white American when author says that all men are like other animals which repels and fears by what he is not understand the difference which is made to decide for a little something.

Answer:C. The fact that there is no demand for full dress stories and incisive which is around negroes above, whereby the servant class is indicative of something of vast importance that notion.


I just took the test

What is a fixed allele?a. an allele that formed by adaptive radiation
b. an allele that is found on many genes
c. an allele that mutates with each generation
d. an allele present in all members of a population?


All humans are homozygous for alleles known as fixed alleles. Of course, many human characteristics are malleable. Height, eye color, and hair color are all variable. Thus, option D is correct.

What are the properties of fixed allele?

An allele in which there are no other alleles for this location in the population, since everyone in the studied population is homozygous for it.

Genetic variety may be hampered by genetic drift, which may cause gene variations to completely disappear. Additionally, it can make previously uncommon alleles common and even fixed.

An allele is said to be fixed if it is the only variant of that gene in the whole population.

All individuals in the population have homozygosity for a fixed allele. Typically, the term “allele” refers to one alternative gene among many that could exist for a specific DNA region.

Therefore, an allele present in all members of a population.

Learn more about fixed allele here:



A fixed allele is homozygous within a population so D should be the correct answer.

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